Maritime Law is the body of law that governs all maritime accidents and injuries. Maritime law has evolved from a collection of custom and common laws that date back to older times. The modern concept of maritime law continues to be modified by international treaties and conventions as well as national legislation. Maritime law regulates every aspect of your life on or around water – whether you work on a boat, off-shore rig, cruise ship, ferry, barge, or simply enjoy spending time along the coastline. It defines your rights as an employee, sailor, passenger, or member of the crew; as well as those of your employer and vessel owner. If you were injured in a maritime accident, you will need to file a claim within the limitations period. Whether you are dealing with issues associated with maritime torts or admiralty law, it is important to seek the advice and guidance of an experienced maritime lawyer who will fight hard for your rights. For legal advice and guidance for your personal injury case, reach out to our Sugar Land personal injury law firm today at (832) 800-8000.

How Can a Maritime Law Firm Help Me?

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a maritime accident, you will need to file a claim within the limitations period. Often times it can be difficult to pursue legal action for injuries sustained at sea, because of the complicated nature of maritime law. A skilled maritime lawyer from our firm will be able to help navigate through your case and obtain compensation on your behalf. Because maritime law is so complex, filing a claim with a lawyer can be extremely beneficial to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Do I Need a Lawyer Who Knows About Maritime Law to Represent Me?

Not all personal injury lawyers are well versed in maritime law. If you are trying to obtain compensation for injuries sustained in a maritime accident, it is important that your lawyer has the knowledge and experience to file your claim properly. Not only should they have significant experience in maritime law, but they must also be well-versed in the state’s laws surrounding personal injury claims. At The Crash Team, our Sugar Land personal injury lawyers have years of experience handling complex cases involving everything from offshore ship accidents to oil rig injuries.

Which Maritime Law Firm is Right for Me?

Choosing the right maritime law firm can be difficult, but it is important you find a lawyer who will fight for your rights. The Crash Team has years of experience in personal injury claims, so we are prepared to handle any type of maritime case you may have. For more information on how The Crash Team can represent you and your personal injury case, contact us today at (832) 800-8000.