Burn injuries are surprisingly common in oilfield accidents, particularly among workers who stay on job sites for extended periods of time. This type of injury may affect the victim’s physical appearance or even reduce their quality of life after an accident. Burn victims may also suffer significant financial losses due to medical expenses and lost wages. If you’ve been injured in an oilfield accident involving burn injuries, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney because you could be entitled to compensation through a personal injury claim. For legal advice and guidance for your personal injury case, reach out to our Sugar Land personal injury law firm today at (832) 800-8000.

What Types of Burn Injuries Can a Victim Suffer?

Burns received from an oilfield accident can cause disfigurement and chronic pain not treated properly. If you have been burned in an oilfield accident, contact a burn injury attorney to help you pursue compensation. Some common types of burn injuries caused by this type of accident include:

  • Chemical Burns – The most common chemical burns happen when workers come into contact with the chemicals involved in fracking and drilling for oil. Chemicals can seep through clothes and cause serious damage
  • Electrical Burns – Workers who use heavy machinery such as generators, pumps, switches, and circuit breakers are at risk for electrical burns. If any part malfunctions or shorts out it could result in electrocution
  • Flash Burns – A flash burn happens quickly and causes first-degree burns that affect the outer layers of the skin
  • Contact Burns – “Contact burn” is a general term for any type of non-flash burn caused by contact with hot surfaces, steam, or molten metal

Can I Recover Compensation for Disfigurement?

Burn injuries can cause disfigurement that makes a victim feel less confident in their physical appearance. Many burn victims seek plastic surgery or other treatments to recover from injuries sustained in an oilfield accident, but they may never be able to fully heal from the trauma.

  • Scarring – Burns leave permanent scars on the skin and, depending upon the severity, could reduce your range of motion or ability to engage in physical activity
  • Deformity – In severe cases of disfigurement caused by burns, a person could have difficulty eating, drinking, speaking clearly, seeing out of one eye, or maintaining proper hygiene

Should I Contact an Oilfield Accident Lawyer As Soon As Possible?

Working in the oilfield puts you at risk for many different types of injuries. If you have been burned because your employer was negligent in providing proper safety measures, don’t hesitate to contact our firm. We understand how serious these types of injuries are. For more information on how The Crash Team can represent you and your personal injury case, contact us today at (832) 800-8000.